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MINOAN LINES: Tägliche Anläufe auf Milos ab dem 1. Februar
31 01.2024
MINOAN LINES: Tägliche Anläufe auf Milos ab dem 1. Februar

Ab dem 1. Februar tägliche Anläufe auf Milos mit den FESTOS PALACE und KNOSSOS PALACE auf der Route Piräus - Heraklion und Heraklion - PiräusGanzen Beitrag lesen ...

MINOAN LINES: Eine kulinarische Reise durch die kretische Gastronomie
23 01.2024
MINOAN LINES: Eine kulinarische Reise durch die kretische Gastronomie

Kretisches Menü auf den Schiffen FESTOS PALACE und KNOSSOS PALACE, mit der Signatur der beliebten Köchin Kretas, Nektaria Kokkinaki, und dem Qualitätssiegel der kretischen Küche der Region Kreta Unsere kretische Speisekarte wird, wenn Sie sie erst probiert haben, Sie an die Minoer denken lassen, um nach Kreta zu gelangenGanzen Beitrag lesen ...

MINOAN LINES: From June 1st “we sail” to Cyclades!
29 05.2023
MINOAN LINES: From June 1st “we sail” to Cyclades!

The luxurious High-speed Catamaran Santorini Palace takes us to the Most popular Cycladic islands from the port of Piraeus and Heraklion, Crete.

Travel with comfort, luxury and speed with the background of the "Cycladic blue"! MINOAN LINES, one of the most important ferry companies in Greece and synonymous with quality transport for more than 50 years, upgrades your travel experience to the Cyclades. From Thursday, June 1st, the luxurious Highspeed Catamaran Santorini Palace of MINOAN LINES, "travels" to Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Syros and Naxos, from the ports of Piraeus and Heraklion, Crete.

Because at MINOAN LINES, the journey starts from the first moment you think about it... and continues inside the High-speed Catamaran Santorini Palace, whether you are travelling in comfortable economy or premium air-type seats, or choose the luxurious VIP Lounge, with ergonomic seats and large tables under an impressive glass dome that conveys the warmth and light of the sky. Comfort, luxury and quality services on board are combined with the hospitality and courtesy of the ship's staff. Enjoy your journey to the "Cycladic blue" that will color your summer with high-speed, safety and comfort!

During the trip, MINOAN LINES goes above and beyond to enhance your onboard experience by giving special attention to the smallest details that make your stay on board even more enjoyable. Choose the ideal breakfast for you with your favorite coffee, delicious croissants, yogurt, honey and fresh fruit or enjoy a light lunch with delicious wraps and healthy salads from the basic or vegetarian menu of MINOAN LINES. You can even enjoy your favorite cocktail on board – before your outings to the island!

Cyclades Route: Starting from June 1st 2023

Embark on a voyage aboard our state-of-the-art High-speed Catamaran Santorini Palace and upgrade every trip to your favorite Cyclades. Find out about the timetable and the unique offers and book your tickets at the, the central agencies or port offices of MINOAN LINES or from your travel agent.

Departures from Piraeus: Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 09:00

Departures from Heraklion: Tuesdays at 10:00, Fridays, Sundays at 09:00

A few words about our High-speed Catamaran Santorini Palace

Santorini Palace can accommodate 1,160 passengers, 38 crewmembers and 100 private cars. It is one of the most luxurious passenger catamaran ferries in Europe, in her class. It has ultra-modern safety and navigation systems and fully renewed hotel equipment, attentive in every detail, offering a high level of services on board, luxury, comfort and a unique travel experience. It offers two levels of air-class seating, one level of 104 luxury VIP class seats, five trendy snack bars and a shop with accessories and travel items for onboard shopping.

Get to know the High-speed Catamaran Santorini Palace through the MINOAN LINES Website. Visit the link and "browse" the ship.


Counting more than 50 years since its establishment, MINOAN LINES continues to maintain high quality, efficient and safe transportation, offering passengers comfort, luxury and speed with modern ecological cruise ferries, high quality services and specialized human resources on land and at sea. A company – a model of quality innovation, with a leading role in the routes in which it operates, MINOAN  LINES continues its "journey" as one of the leading and constantly evolving companies in the shipping industry in Greece, harmonized with the strictest environmental protection standards.

It is worth noting that the high-speed ferries KNOSSOS PALACE, FESTOS PALACE and KYDON PALACE are the first green ecological vessels to fully comply with the new regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) with the installation of exhaust gas cleaning devices (SCRUBBERS), confirming MINOAN LINES commitment to reducing the environmental footprint and protecting the environment.


MINOAN LINES S.A. was founded on May 25, 1972, in Heraklion, Crete. In 2022 completed 50 years of operation and offering high quality services to passengers and truck transport. Since 2008 it has been a  member of the Italian Grimaldi Group, one of the largest carriers of roll-on/roll-off, container and passenger in the world. The Grimaldi Group is headquartered in Naples, Italy, with branches in more than 25 countries, 17,000 employees and over 130 ships approaching more than 140 ports worldwide.

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Text & Bild ©: MINOAN LINES

Minoan Lines mit Kooperationspartner in der Ägäis
21 01.2023
Minoan Lines mit Kooperationspartner in der Ägäis

Minoan Lines wird seine Schnellfähre SANTORINI PALACE ab dem Frühjahr 2023 in Kooperation mit einer Partnerreederei betreiben. Zusammen mit der Reederei Fast Ferries, die in den Gemeinschaftsdienst ab Piräus und Heraklion ebenfalls eine Schnellfähre einbringt, sollen Service- und Transportqualität zu den Inseln der Kykladen weiter verbessert werden.

Die SANTORINI PALACE wird ab dem Frühjahr zusammen mit der Fast Ferries-Fähre THUNDER von Piräus und Heraklion aus regelmäßige, schnelle und sichere Verbindungen zu den Kykladen-Inseln und zwischen diesen anbieten.  Die genauen Fahrpläne des Gemeinschaftsdienstes sollen im März veröffentlicht werden. Die SANTORINI PALACE von Minoan Lines kann 1.160 Passagiere und 117 Autos befördern, die THUNDER von Fast Ferries 800 Passagiere und 200 Autos.

Foto: SANTORINI PALACE (Minoan Lines), ©: Minoan Lines